Where were we?

Where were we?

Ok, so my “Christmas Break” got a little carried away. I intended to be back on January 1st but changed my mind when I was surrounded by a house of germs. Once that was figured out…the teething little lady maxed out this momma’s patience, brain-power and ability to function. Oh yeah, then it was my birthday week, then my husband’s and, well, we like birthday’s around here so there was no time for anything more than celebrating! (Is that so bad?!)

By stepping away from the camera (and my family recipe stash) I was able to make some of my go-to holiday recipes and my little buddies were able to help out a lot more in the kitchen…which I love!

I was in the middle of cooking a zillion (literally a zillion) cookies for our Christmas party when I left the kitchen for one minute…ONE minute and this is what was underway when I returned:

I didn’t want to waste all  of those ingredients so I added a little of this and a little of that until it resembled giant batch of excessively buttery corn pancakes.

Don’t worry, this is not a recipe you’re missing out on. Promise!

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