The Challenge

I’ve stumbled upon my Grandma and Great Grandma’s recipes and I think it’s time they come out of the box and get another chance in the kitchen.

Here are my rules:

1. For better or worse, I’ll make three new recipes per week.
2. This is a butter house, margarine doesn’t exist. I’ll stray from the recipe on occasion…especially if it makes it better!
3. I’ll use modern conveniences to save a minute here and there.
4. If its no good, I’ll tell ya. Might even have to send a few recipes to “The Graveyard”.
5. I’m not one for rules so these just might change.

Click here to read the opening post with pictures of what I’m up against.

Fingers crossed…


Cast of Characters

So there’s me, Bonnie. I’m a California born Oregon Duck who chose Culinary School as my “grad school”.  I like baking but I hardly have a sweet tooth and I love nothing more than the smell of a tasty meal in the oven.

Great Grandma Mary had three kids and a busy ranch. She spent her honeymoon cooking for 30+cowboys on a cattle drive and her married life cooking for a crowd. Her knack for baking still keeps her grandkids talking hopefully I’ll stumble upon her secret pie crust recipe along the way!

Grandma Joyce was my Dad’s Mom; a precise recipe follower with an entirely different take on food from Great Grandma Mary. It started when she was a Home Economics Major at the end of World War II which gave a bit of extra training, a slight focus towards nutrition and a big understanding of the perks of convenience food.  As a member of numerous organizations in the community her recipes were published all over town.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Saw this on Barb’s email. Can’t wait to follow this site.
    Try and find that perfect pie crust!
    Karen (Vi Kaull’s daughter)

  2. I have that secret pie crust recipe, somewhere….in a box…Used it often cooking for a family of five!

  3. Okay – I’m ready for a “top 5″ list out of everything you made so far. Or maybe it’s a fixed section of your blog, showcasing the best of the best, and you can knock one to make room for another as time goes on… like a well kept closet. Just a thought.

  4. Hi Bonnie
    My sister, Karen, made the marshmallow cookies. I am now a big fan of your recipes. Keep them coming. Thanks!
    Jen’s Aunt Jeanne.

  5. Grandma Joyce was a Tri Delta and her alumnae chapter sisters in San Jose still remember and miss her. I am doing an article for our newsletter about how Bonnie is keeping the love for Joyce alive through her recipes. This has been the most enjoyable “article” I have ever written. Can’t wait to try come of the recipes. By the way – I remember Joyce serving strawberries with angle food cake at a Tri Delta meeting. I think her strawberries were the Marsala Recipe. Yum! Bonnie – you are the best granddaughter to your Tri Delta Grandma and the best great granddaughter too. :-)

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