5-Minute Enchilada Pie

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

This recipe came from Great-Grandma Mary’s stash. Makes sense, it is designed to feed a crowd, in a hurry, with minimal hands on time.

My little helper wanted in on every step of this recipe and even with his “help” and a lot of picture taking it was in the oven within 15 minutes…and the kitchen was spotless in time for dinner to be served. With a secret recipe like this you can feel on top of things for one night too!

This recipe was found on a newspaper clipping and the final paragraph states, Jan’s interests include antiques collecting, Star Starters auxiliary and petting a ______.  So…I don’t know what the Star Starters auxiliary was and I really want to know what she loved petting. Who would cut that line off?!

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

2 cans chile con carne with beans (15 1/2 oz)

1 can red enchilada sauce* (20 oz)

1/2 lb shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 can chopped black olives (4 1/2 oz)

1 dozen corn tortillas


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl, combine chile con carne and enchilada sauce.

In a greased 9×13 baking dish, arrange 4 corn tortillas. Layer 1/3 each of chili mixture, cheese, onion, and olives. Repeat twice. Top with cheese.

Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Serves 8 “heartily”


*even mild enchilada sauce has a tiny bit of kick so make sure you know your audience.


5-Minute Enchilada Pie

Line up the ingredients…you’ll need them all at once.

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

Honestly, this guy could have made this on his own. It is that easy!

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

Arrange the first four tortillas, however they fit in your pan will be just perfect.

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

Spread the first layer of sauce/chili over the tortillas.

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

Sprinkle onions and olives over the chili.

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

Add another layer of tortillas…and your craziest face.

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

The recipe recommends cheese on each layer, I put it all on the top and loved it that way. Your pick!

5-Minute Enchilada Pie

This is so easy to throw together, and it has easy ingredients to keep on hand. Perfect for a busy summer night and it’ll be awesome to make again in the fall!

What do you think Jan loved petting?!?!

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3 thoughts on “5-Minute Enchilada Pie

  1. Love his face! Hope all is well with you guys. Recipe looks delicious, maybe I will make it for Adam and Moni.

  2. I am putting these ingredients on my shopping list. I might wait until fall to make this, but it looks like something I will keep in my pocket for ALL the night I really don’t want to cook!

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