Pie week: Gold Medal goes to…Peach Walnut Pie

Pie week: Gold Medal goes to…Peach Walnut Pie

I have never heard of this pie, or even this flavor combo until I came across the recipe for Peach Walnut Pie. I had to go for it because everyone in this house is a sucker for both walnuts and peaches.

Holy smokes it was amazing! It is perfectly balanced between the rich walnut filling and the sweet, tangy peaches. I will be making this with fresh peaches again this summer and as the recipes recommends, canned peaches in the fall. Either way, it is delish!

Peach Walnut Pie - The Recipe

Peach Walnut Pie

1 prepared pie crust

1 lb sliced, drained peaches (canned or fresh peeled)


1 cup packed brown sugar

1/4 cup water

3 eggs

2 tbsp melted butter

1 tbsp lemon juice

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup chopped walnuts


1/4 cup lightly packed brown sugar

1 tsp lemon juice


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Stir eggs and then add remaining filling ingredients and stir well. Pour into pie shell and bake for 25 minutes (until filling is golden brown and almost firm)

Meanwhile toss peaches with lemon and brown sugar. When filling is set remove from oven and “gently arrange peaches like the rays of the sun”. Pour the syrup mixture over the top and return pie to the oven for 10 minutes.

Serve warm or cold.

Peach Walnut Pie - Filling Ingredients

Stir the eggs first and then add the rest.

Peach Walnut Pie - Add the Walnuts

Chop the walnuts and throw them in.

Peach Walnut Pie - Topping Ingredients

Last lemon from the tree this year…what will I do when I have to go to the store like a normal person?!

Peach Walnut Pie - Sprinkle the Brown Sugar

Forgive me for using canned peaches…I was just following Great-Grandma Mary’s lead.

Peach Walnut Pie - Baked Filling

Give it a shake and it won’t have much jiggle. That’s how you know it is ready.

Peach Walnut Pie - Peaches like the sun

Ahhhhh, the rays of the sun…

Peach Walnut Pie - Add the juice from the peaches

Amazing! I might need to make another one now.


Do you know any other peach walnut combos this family needs to know about?

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  1. I am inviting myself down there for the next dessert taste-off. I, of course, could make my own here, but what’s the fun in that?!

  2. Now I know what to do with my canned peaches in the refrigerator. Better look at the expiration date. Oh who cares! This looks delicious!

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