Chile-Cheese Soup

Chile-Cheese Soup

Chile Cheese Soup

How did I not know this soup before?!?! It takes about ten minutes to get on the table and it is delicious!

I love green chiles so I was excited about this recipe. So excited to have found it! Everything goes into one pot, and everything is essentially pre-cooked. This means, hardly any dishes and you don’t have to cook too long…you just have to heat it through.

We had a condiment bar in the middle of the table and everyone doctored their bowl to their hearts desire. My heart desired cilantro and a spritz of lime. It kinda desires the same again soon. Hope you love it too!

Chile Cheese Soup

Chile-Cheese Soup

3-7 oz can green chiles, diced
1-14 oz can tomatoes, diced (roasted if available)
8 cups chicken broth (vegetable if preferred)
1/2 lb queso fresco, cubed


My favorite garnishes (all optional):
lime wedges
jalapeno slices
hot sauce

Heat broth over medium-high heat. Add tomatoes and green chiles, heat through. Then add diced cheese and cook until soft. Season to taste.

*Optional ideas:

If you want the soup to be more substantial and less brothy you can add cubed tofu, shredded chicken or a cup of uncooked rice. The rice will absorb some of the broth while it cooks.

Chile Cheese Soup

Add the tomatoes and chiles to the broth. As those start heating cube the queso fresco and add it too.

Chile Cheese Soup

I know we’re short on pics but this is really that easy.

What condiments did your bowl get?

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