Dorothy’s Democratic Pizza

Dorothy’s Democratic Pizza

Tell me that name doesn’t make you curious! What makes a pizza Democratic?!

Ironically this recipe was printed in the Republican Women’s Club cookbook from 1964. I love the opening clause of the cookbook as it states, “Adding a little spice to the cookbook are some good democrat cooks too!”

There’s nothing fancy about it but these are delicious! With kids home for summer this could be your go to summer lunch or a last minute dinner. They’re quick to make and the recipe states, “Teenagers love them, and men are particularly fond of these little goodies.” How can you go wrong with a testimony like that??

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - The Recipe

Dorothy’s Democratic Pizzas

french rolls


garlic salt

sliced tomatoes

grated cheddar cheese

chopped green bell pepper

grated parmesan cheese



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut rolls in half, butter them then arrange on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle with garlic salt. Cut thick tomato slices and then cut in half and arrange on rolls. Pile cheddar on top of tomato, then bell pepper, then parmesan. Sprinkle with coarse pepper.

Bake in oven until cheese is melted. (approximately 15 minutes)

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - Buttered Bread

Don’t be shy, slather it on there!

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Thick slices are best…they don’t make the bread all soggy.

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - Shard Cheddar

Sharp cheddar…don’t mess with the mild stuff. (Ok, personal preference…now you know mine!)

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - Green Bell Peppers

I never would have guessed these bell peppers would have been such an important part of this recipe. Their freshness and crunch were just right.

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - Parmesan and Pepper

Parmesan and pepper of course…Who would have guessed I’m a pepper fan?

Dorothy's Democratic Pizzas - Hot out of the oven

They’re piping hot, now get out there and impress those men and teens in your life! ( I hope you read that quote earlier in the post. :) )

So what do you think? Do these change your political preferences at all?

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